The FIRST Cryptocurrency aimed at redistributing 95% of Service Charges incurred through traditional means in the Gig Economy.

Access to multiple skilled and unskilled workers on our marketplace.

Our Gig Economy Platform offers vast opportunities for automation and is designed to ensure that searching for the variety of talents available for both businesses and individuals is simple and effective.

Gig Economy Platform & Gigecoin Business Model

Creating innovation through the use of new and emerging technologies

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency, value and innovation. We are leveraging these benefits into the daily lives of Job seekers in the GIG economy resulting in huge savings for both employers and employees.

Powered by Ai & Blockchain

Low cost payment platform, interoperability of payments and compliance to manage cost and AML risk.

Easy Job Posting

Application allows multple job posting pins on a swipe to accept job ping and vacancy.

Zero Fees

Low Cost Payment Platform, Interoperability of payments and compliance to manage cost and AML risk. Being Decentralised there is no middleman between the hirer and hirees, allowing us to cut down high commission fees from the intermediaries. 0% Commission when paid with GIGE tokens.

Tokenized payments using Smart Contracts

Using the power of Blockchain and Smart Contracts, we have created an economy where workers benefit from low cost transfer fees and drastically reduced payments to intermediaries.